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Ligurian gastronomy finds its essence in the delicious Taggiasca, a precious olive cultivar renowned throughout the world. We are lucky enough to be able to grow and care for Taggiasca olives in the original territory, in our Dolcedo oil mill among the wonderful hills behind Imperia. Here, the oil mill tradition and regional recipes meet to create products with authentic, simple and genuine flavours.

The original Taggiasca olive, according to nature and tradition

The production and sale of Taggiasca olives are a family matter for us. For generations, we have cared for olive trees and obtained delicious and sweet fruits, which characterize this prized cultivar.

As per the tradition of ancient production practices, the Taggiasche olives in our oil mill are harvested by manual beating, selected and transformed into fine extra virgin olive oil, or preserved in brine or in oil or processed to become typical Ligurian products.

Our precious collection of jars of Taggiasca olives for sale online was born from this ancient practice.

Taggiasca olives online sale: our typical products

Our olives are so genuine and delicate that they are perfect for consumption in simple brine. The Taggiasche olives in brine for sale in our online shop are prepared following the traditional recipe and are the perfect addition to your dishes or an energetic and tasty snack.

For the greediest and most sophisticated, our Pitted Taggiasca olives in EVO oil are worth trying: a perfect combination in which the fine oil meets the best olives.

Finally, the Taggiasca olive paté is one of our flagships and an unmissable product when talking about olives. Like all our products, the pâté is also prepared following genuine traditional recipes.

Explore our selection of Taggiasche olives for sale online, discover the authentic flavors of the Ligurian tradition, directly from our oil mill in Dolcedo to your home, and prepare to never be able to do without them.

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