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The union of our delicate and precious Ligurian extra virgin olive oil with the best of local herbs and flavors creates delicious condiments and types of flavored oil for sale online from our Frantoio San Martino. A collection of bottled delights to add the genuine flavor of Liguria to your dishes.

The tradition of olive oil flavored with the flavors of Liguria

The tradition of flavored extra virgin olive oil is a value that we carefully guard. By recovering the family oil mill, we continue the business with an eye for the ancient traditional Ligurian techniques. Production takes place slowly, with granite milling and manual harvesting, offering all the taste that only the production of oil as it was once done can offer.

To make our flavored olive oil we use ancient family recipes to infuse aromas, scents and flavors into our precious oil, creating one-of-a-kind condiments.

The key to the unique flavor is maceration, which occurs in all of our flavored oils. Starting from the typical flavors of Liguria with the Basil Flavored Oil and the Extra Virgin Oil with Aromatic Herbs, ideal as an addition to the freshest and most summery dishes.

Freshness is also found in our Lemon Flavored Oil created, according to the traditional procedure, by simultaneously squeezing lemons and olives for a full, all-round flavour.

Instead, our Chilli Flavored Oil combines the sweetness of Frantoio San Martino oil with the lively taste of chilli, thanks to a slow and delicate infusion of the two flavours.

Taste all the flavors to discover the flavored extra virgin olive oil best suited to your table!

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